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High School Football

High school football in Texas is so big and such a big deal that it has taken Robert and myself kind of by surprise. We’ve never seen it or experience high school football at this level. It’s a major production and everyone is involve…..parents, brothers, sisters, grandmas and grandpas, the community….it is very neat to see the fan base they’ve developed from everyone around them. I LOVE IT!!

This year is very exciting for us since it’s the first year our favorite player is part of the “big deal.” He worked hard this summer, basically giving up his summer vacation to condition and stay in shape for fall football season. He’s had football camps and practices couple of weeks before school started. He’s more than ready to play football now. They’ve already had the first game, which was fun and exciting to watch. Our school won. Tonight, we take on a tougher opponent, it’s going to be gooood. We can not wait.

Where’s my tooth?!

Lost Tooth

Kiley came home today with a very loose tooth – hanging by a little thread loose and 30 minutes later if was off!   She came running screaming with pride, which then seconds later turned into sadness, that her tooth fell off. Poor thing. This will be her 3rd teeth all together! She lost her two front bottom teeth this year in April. My baby is losing her baby teeth……booooohooooo….


First Day of Kindergarten and Freshman High School

My Robbiebear

Kiley going off to kindergarten 2011

My babies are off today….one to kindergarten and the other high school. I just can not believe it! Both kids were ready and excited for school to begin….mom and dad as well.

Well it’s 3pm…..Kiley is home and is exhausted. She wanted a snack right away….she ate….a tortilla, a bowl of cereal and pumpkin pie. I asked how her day went when I picked her up and she said, ” I don’t remember” But she later told us it was boring and long. I’m hoping she’ll remember more tomorrow because I was excited all day to get her back home and here about her day, not to hear…”I don’t remember” line. I do have to give her some slack….it is the first day of school.

I hope Robbie will share more of how his day went. It’s his first big day at a huge high school with 3000 kids. His days are very long…..he gets up at 6:30am for school and is there until 5:30pm because of football practice. Now, HE’S going to be exhausted.

Fun Times in Milwaukee

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Kiley and I are visiting family in Wisconsin right now and she is absolutely in playdate heaven. We have been going non stop every day for the last week and a half. We’ve been to Bradford beach, saw Cars 2, gone to a park, swimming, and Summerfest( annual music festival that draws big names recording artists), fishing on Uncle Vihn’s boat….just to name a few things we’ve been up to. Robert and Robbie are back home manning the fort. We miss them to death and wish they were here with us.




Photo Book For Daddy

Photo book for Daddy

Yesterday was Father’s Day and this year I really wanted to make it special and get my husband a father’s gift that will last forever. I made a photo book  tribute to my husband with pictures of him having fun with his children.  I thought it was the greatest gift idea I had ever had. It was fun gathering the pictures together but also very difficult. I had to sift through years of pictures in our file folder, choose each picture and then arrange and rearrange them, choose the style of book and book size, etc….. In the end the book turned out great, maybe a little bigger than what I should have ordered but hubby loved it and that’s what mattered the most.

Great Gift Idea

Cute Framed Art

My girlfriend Danielle made a really cute gift for Kiley for her birthday. It is so cute and fun that I had to steal the idea and make it for Kiley’s best friends for their birthdays.

You take a 8×10 picture frame, use cute scrap paper for the back, hot glue a beautiful flower on the corner, write a birthday message with crayola window markers….. and ta-da, a fun, entertaining, and framed picture of your child’s artwork!

Kiley loves playing with hers

Wrap Bracelets……another fun thing I love to make!

Turquoise and Copper Wrap Bracelet

Turquoise and Hematite Wrap Bracelet

A good friend, Lara showed me how to make these wrap bracelets and I absolutely love them soooo much. They are gorgeous and fun to wear but I love making them more. Bead searching is also fun, I love seeing all the gorgeous beads out there. I didn’t know there are stores out there with so much beads of all different sizes to choose from. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go bead shopping. I love beads!